Lowering Your Risk for Osteoporosis

Learn Which Risk Factors Are in Your Control

Written by Daniel J. Toft MD, PhD

There are many genetic and environmental factors that contribute to your risk of developing osteoporosis. The condition, which some people may think is a customary part of old age, can be preventable with lifestyle changes that promote healthy, strong bones.

The important thing to remember is that while you can’t change some of your risk factors for osteoporosis, many others are well within your control.

Osteoporosis Risk Factors You Cannot Control
Several risk factors for osteoporosis cannot be changed:

Osteoporosis Risk Factors You May Be Able to Control
If you read the above list and feel that the odds are against you, remember that genetic factors are not solely responsible for osteoporosis. Getting a grasp on your controllable risk factors early in life can help you lower your susceptibility to osteoporosis, regardless of the number of uncontrollable risk factors you have.

Don’t be discouraged if you have multiple uncontrollable risk factors for osteoporosis. With dietary changes, physical exercise, and planning to decrease other preventable risk factors, you can take steps to strengthen your bones and protect yourself against future bone damage. 



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