Scientists study new drug that could reduce need for insulin among type 1 diabetics

Individuals with type 1 diabetes may soon have a new treatment option, which could drastically improve their ability to control their condition.

The Dallas Morning News reports that researchers at UT Southwest Medical Center recently launched a clinical trial of the effectiveness of the drug metreleptin.

The medication is a synthetic version of the human hormone leptin. Previous research conducted in animals has shown that this hormone significantly improves diabetes symptoms. The UT study will be the first to test the compound's effectiveness in humans.

"Our fingers are crossed, and amazing results in animals give us hope it will also be of value to humans," Roger Unger, chair of diabetes research at UT Southwest Medical Center, told the news source.

The study is being funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Officials from that group said that metreleptin could drastically reduce the need for insulin among diabetics. This could lead to less frequent insulin testing and eliminate blood sugar crashes.

Aaron Kowalski, the group's vice president, said that metreleptin could revolutionize type 1 diabetes care.