Thyroid-altering BPA may be found on dollar bills

According to recent research, bisphenol-A (BPA) - a thyroid-altering chemical - can be found on dollar bills. News channel WBIR reports that BPA has been linked to obesity, infant brain damage, thyroid disease, various types of cancer, heart diseases and sexual health problems.

The chemical is most commonly used to make plastic for water bottles, eyeglasses, dental equipment, DVDs and other goods, according to the news source.

The researchers believe the BPA exposure comes from cash register receipts, which are known to contain traces of the compound. However, the manufacturers of BPA claim that humans have limited exposure to it, and that the compound is safe, despite the fact that it is has been banned in many other countries.

The chemical can build up in the body with repeated exposure, and is very difficult to wash off of skin, the media outlet reports.

Researchers say that their work is still in development, and there is no reason to stop using paper money.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, BPA has been shown to affect the reproductive systems of laboratory animals.