Hypothyroidism may contribute to loss of pregnancy

This week, Dr. Carrie Jones - a naturopathic physician with a focus on women's health and hormones - spoke to EmpowHer about pregnancy and thyroid issues. The doctor began by saying that she sees a number of women who are looking to become pregnant after having several miscarriages.

She said that she is surprised by how many of these patients have not had a proper work up for basic tests, such as vitamin levels and a complete thyroid testing.

According to the news source, most pregnancy losses happen in the first trimester and are a result of multiple factors, including genetic, hormonal, infection and anatomical issues. In addition, research has shown that high thyroid stimulating hormone levels may increase risk of loss.

The presence of positive thyroid antibodies can double that risk, as it indicates an immune reaction against the thyroid which can affect fertilization and implantation.

Additionally, Jones recommends that doctors check the levels of free T4 and free T3, which are thyroid hormones.