Group calls for more type 1 diabetes research funding

Despite recent advances in diabetes research, the number of individuals who have developed type 1 diabetes in recent years has increased dramatically. In order to address the situation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is calling for further funding to advance the treatment of these devastating conditions.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, which JDRF president and CEO said presents the perfect opportunity to call on lawmakers to pledge continued support of researchers' fight against type 1 diabetes.

"November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, a time to bring attention to priority issues for those of us trying to bring about an end to type 1 diabetes," he said. "Chief among our priorities is to ensure that federal funding levels remain sufficient to support the necessary research to drive the field toward a cure for the disease and its complications."

There are currently 3 million Americans who have type 1 diabetes. The cost of treating this condition, together with type 2 diabetes, costs $174 billion each year. An investment in research could significantly decrease this number.