Individuals with weight gain and fatigue may benefit from a thyroid hormone test

Those who have thyroid disease either produce too much or too little of the hormones essential to regulating other hormones in the body, news channel WPBF reports.

Anti-aging expert and OB/GYN Dr Gloria Hakkarainen said that she has a steady pace of patients with the same story - extreme weight gain and fatigue, among other issues.

"It's absolutely critical that thyroid is functioning," Hakkarainen told the news source.

Dr Sheetal Patel, a diabetes and endocrine specialist, said thyroid hormones need to be balanced throughout a person's life since it is the engine that keeps the body humming on track. She added that it controls body functions such as temperature balance, appetite, ability to metabolize cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and even the way the heart beats.

Patel also said that she believes medication should only be prescribed if labs come back abnormal.

An estimated 450,000 thyroid biopsies are performed each year in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society.