Massachusetts Congressman receives treatment for papillary thyroid cancer

Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern is currently recovering from surgery to remove his thyroid gland. The government official was recently diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, according to the Boston Herald.

Dr Brian P. Monahan said in a statement that the Worcester-based Democrat underwent surgery Monday. He added that McGovern is expected to be discharged from the hospital in time for the session of Congress that begins next week.

Monahan said that the vast majority of patients with similar conditions are cured with surgery and do not experience any further issues with the disease, according to the news source.

"He underwent today's procedure to remove the gland from his neck as a curative therapy for his cancer," Monahan said in a statement released by Mr. McGovern's office, reported by the News Telegram. "Further tests and therapies will be determined after study of the thyroid gland removed at surgery, and Congressman McGovern will take a daily thyroid medication to replace the functions of his thyroid gland."

The Congressman's wife, Lisa McGovern, said in a statement that her husband was feeling good and his prognosis was excellent.

Thyroid cancer is the fastest-growing cancer in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society.