Doctors report that thyroid cysts could be caused by vuvuzelas

In the latest issue of SA Medical Journal, two German doctors - Alexander Mann and Kerstin Jungheim of the Endokrinologikum Medical Centre in Frankfurt - have described what they say is the first case of a "vuvuzela-induced thyroid cyst."

The Times Live reports that a 42-year-old man came to the doctors complaining of painful swelling in the neck and difficulty swallowing. An ultrasound scan confirmed a thyroid cyst, and the man's symptoms were relieved when the contents were drained with a needle.

"On being asked whether he had raised heavy weights or pressed strongly, he responded that he had blown a vuvuzela during a recent World Cup soccer game," the doctors wrote.

They said thyroid cysts could appear spontaneously, and had been linked to activities which increase the pressure in the chest area.

"We thought it was worth reporting," Mann told the news source.

Thyroid cysts, growths of cells in the thyroid gland, are a common clinical problem that occurs more frequently in women and the elderly, and are typically benign, according to the American Cancer Society.