Employees sue Texas Instruments for exposure to thyroid-disrupting chemicals

In recent weeks, employees of Texas Instruments have sued the company for exposure to "hazardous chemicals and substances" which resulted in birth defects in seven children. Court House News reports that birth defects include partial blindness, undescended testicles and developmental delay, scoliosis, malformed vertebrae and Graves disease, which is a thyroid disorder.

The plaintiffs said they were exposed to the chemicals while working with machines and wafers at Texas Instruments' facilities in Santa Cruz, California, and Dallas, Texas. The exposure came while they worked "near the assembly line" that was "utilized in the process of manufacturing semiconductor devices," according to court documents.

The chemicals include ethylene glycol ethers, many propylene-based solvents, fluorine compounds, arsenic compounds and radio frequency radiation.

The former employees said that the company failed to warn them of the risks of inhaling these substances, and that they were told "the chemicals and substances were safe," and the company "failed to utilize proper measures" to protect their workers, the news source reports.

According to the National Women's Health Information Center, approximately one in 2,000 people has Graves disease.