Iodine-contaminated soy milk causes thyroid dysfunction

In Australia, a Supreme Court action was recently filed on behalf of 25 people who claim they developed symptoms linked to thyroid dysfunction because of high iodine levels in soy milk. Lawyers have launched a class action law suit against the distributors of a soy milk product that allegedly had seven times the safe dose of iodine, The Herald Sun reports.

The claim alleges that Bonsoy distributor Spiral Foods breached the Trade Practices Act by selling the product with high levels of iodine. The applicants are suing for negligence and to recoup medical expenses, lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

One of the plaintiffs, Erin Downie said she began drinking large quantities of Bonsoy when she started breastfeeding her daughter. Within weeks of giving birth, Downie was rushed to the hospital with a very high heart rate and was semi-conscious.

The woman's thyroid hormone levels were 10 times above normal, and were the highest that could be recorded. Yet the reason why she had fallen sick remained a mystery. When the product was recalled in late December 2009, Downie realized what had been making her ill.

According to MedicineNet, the body cannot allow all of the iodine received to turn into hormone without regulation, and if this happened, there could be too much hormone produced, thereby resulting in toxic levels of thyroid hormone.