Survey: Busy lifestyles may keep type 2 diabetics from taking insulin as prescribed

According to the Global Attitudes of Patients and Physicians in Insulin Therapy (GAPP) study, more than one in three patients with type 2 diabetes fail to take their insulin as prescribed.

Almost 3,000 respondents participated in the survey, which was conducted in eight countries. Approximately 88 percent of physicians report that there is still a significant percentage of patients who are still not reaching the recommended targets for levels of blood glucose, while four in 10 people say that they struggle to control their blood sugar.

"The survey was designed to uncover the challenges patients and physicians are facing in obtaining effective outcomes in insulin therapy," said Luigi Meneghini, director of the Diabetes Research Institute in Florida. "It appears that busy lifestyles and difficulty in adhering to prescribed regimens are key contributing factors to poor glycemic control."

These appeared to be the main reasons that type 2 diabetics skipped doses or took insufficient doses of insulin. The survey revealed that nine out of 10 patients would like a less invasive way of taking the medication, such as a form of the hormone that could be dosed less than once a day while effectively managing blood sugar.