Jet producer asked to clean up nuclear waste for fear of thyroid disorders among local residents

More than 50 years ago, a partial nuclear meltdown occurred just outside of Los Angeles. Boeing - the company responsible for the meltdown - has still not cleaned up the site, the Associated Press reports. Removing the toxic chemicals may be necessary for the health of the community, as research has shown that nuclear waste can contribute to thyroid conditions and cancer when it contaminates local water sources.

Recently, a group of state officials called on Boeing to sign an agreement that commits the company to completely clean up the area, the news source reports.

"Every day that the cleanup is delayed is another day that the public remains at risk," said Louise Rishoff, district director for Assemblywoman Julia Brownley of Santa Monica, quoted by the news provider.

The Department of Energy and NASA also announced similar agreements with the state to remove all contamination from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory site. NASA owns the rocket-testing areas, the Department of Energy owns the buildings where the partial meltdown occurred and Boeing owns most of the property underneath.

The letter addressed to Boeing asks it to accept responsibility for the cleanup. Company officials did not comment on the letter but said they are reviewing the agreement and "remain open to continued dialogue with the state," the news source further reports.