Insulin delivery technology may help diabetics better control blood glucose

According to medical experts, the use of insulin delivery devices - such as pens and pumps - may enable diabetic patients to better control their blood glucose and minimize their risk for chronic health problems.

“Improved delivery devices for insulin treatment have increased patient compliance and acceptance of an intensive insulin strategy,” says Dr Satish Garg from the University of Colorado. He adds that this can result in the reduction of long-term complications associated with diabetes.

Doctors predict that within the next several years, there will be a rapid increase in the utilization of automated glucose-controlled insulin infusion systems that combine glucose measurement with intravenous insulin pumps.

Insulin pump and pen technology have been available for many years, but Dr Irl Hirsch of the University of Washington School of Medicine says that they are “underused, misused or poorly used.”

Experts believe that limited use can be attributed to the fact that some diabetics are uninsured, and that expanded coverage and education are vital to increasing the adoption of this treatment technology.

Reusable and disposable insulin pens may not be available in different regions in the world, though physicians have noted their benefit in hospitalized patients.