Lunch: Turkey (or Ham) and Apple Sandwich

Brown Bag It with this Easy Diabetic Recipe

Peanut butter and jelly is so passé.  For a grown-up lunch (or to add some variety to your child’s lunch), try this turkey (or ham) and apple sandwich. An ounce of lite cheddar cheese can be added to boost calories and add some dairy goodness if sodium is not a concern.

What You Need

(Makes 1 serving) 

2 slices ThinSlim cinnamon bread
1 tsp mustard (optional)
2 tsp reduced-fat mayonnaise
2 oz sliced deli turkey
1/2 medium apple, cored, cut in half, and thinly sliced
2  Leaves Romaine lettuce, washed and drained

What You Do

  1. In a small bowl, combine mustard and mayonnaise (as desired).
  2. Spread your condiment mixture on each slice of bread.
  3. Top with lettuce on each slice of bread
  4. Layer on the turkey slices.
  5. Top with slices of apple, and close the sandwich.

Nutrition Information (per sandwich)

Diabetic Exchanges

2 lean meat, 3 carbohydrate (2 bread/starch,) 1/2 fruit)

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