Treatments for Hyperthyroidism

Your Treatment Plan Depends on a Variety of Factors

Written by Kresimira (Mira) Milas MD
Reviewed by Daesman N. Suri MD

There are a number of hyperthyroidism treatments available. The best plan for you depends on your symptoms, the cause of your hyperthyroidism, and what treatment option makes you most comfortable. In determining the most effective therapy, your doctor will also take your medical history, physical examination, and any diagnostic tests into consideration.

Below are the most common treatments for hyperthyroidism.

In choosing your treatment, make sure you understand and discuss all the risks, benefits, and side effects with your doctor. Each of the treatments above has a balance of risks and benefits—you and your doctor should discuss why one treatment may be more suitable and the right option for you. The ultimate goal for treating hyperthyroidism is to lower the amount of thyroid hormones to establish a healthy balance. This balance is essential to your body's ability to function at its best.


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