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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

trying to conceive and hypothyroidism

From: rishita - 7 years 3 weeks ago

hi i am trying to conceive and after trying for about 4,5 months i went to gynaecologist. she said for some blood works, and the report made us known that imsuffering from high TSH level. so i want to know if i undergo medication can i give birth to a healthy child??

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Yes, you should take thryoid medication, particularly if you are trying to conceive. Some doctors are mixed on hypothyroidism's affects on pregnancy, but my endocronologist confirmed what I knew along. If you have untreated hypothryoidism, it could result in miscarriage, and in rare results still birth. I've had both, and it is horrible. After my diagnosis, I began treatment with thyroid medication. I became pregnant a 3rd time, and all of the doctors assured me that the medication is very similar to what our own bodies create, so it is safe for the baby. I had a healthy and beautiful baby girl with no problems or complications.