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Iodine and Selenium Supplementation

From: Scorpi08 - 3 weeks 3 days ago

Hi. I'm newly diagnosed based on symptoms and TPOab of 25. My TSH was just retested and is now at 2.02. I know it's a mild case, but the diagnosis explains a lot. My doctor put me on iodine and selenium, however, I'm not feeling any better and almost feel worse. I feel a bit more fatigued and depressed. I'm not sure if this is just something my body needs to get used to or if it's having a negative impact and should stop taking the supplements.

Anyone have experience with iodine and selenium? Did you test levels before supplementing?

Thanks so much!

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hi I was diagnosed with Hashimottos a month ago and I out myself on the iodine and selenium instead of the synthroid as an experiment. I just got my TSH tested again and it went from 4 to 9 so I stopped the Supplements and started my medication as prescribed. Hope this helps