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Glen Ellyn, IL

About Kamiah A. Walker

Kamiah gets a kick out of grammar and proofreading, and she enjoys the challenge of taking a complex idea—like thryoid hormone replacement therapy—and making it understandable to people who don't have an MD after their name.

She's a published author of travel stories, poetry, and various essays, in addition to being an avid runner and reader.

Articles Written by Kamiah A. Walker

Priapism Risk Using AndroGel
Patient information for AndroGel often warns of the risk of priapism: a study published looks at how often this occurs and how high the risk is.
Duration of Graves' Disease Remission Following Anti-thyroid Drug Therapy
Graves' disease research summary on remission predictors following anti-thyroid drug treatment.
3-year Height Outcomes in Children Treated with Growth Hormone for Growth Hormone Deficiency and other Growth Hormone Disorders
A study was presented at the 2011 Endocrine Society Annual Meeting on treating children with growth hormone for growth hormone deficiency (and other growth hormone-related disorders). It was called “Analysis of 3-Year Height Outcomes by Gender and Pubertal Status in Children Treated with Growth Hormone for Growth Hormone Deficiency and Other Growth Hormone-Related Disorders: Data from the ANSWER Program®.” Read results of study.
Reclast (Zoledronic Acid) Gets New Warning Label from FDA
Reclast is an osteoporosis medication, and in September 2011, the FDA issued a new warning label for it. It may cause renal impairment, so physicians should be cautious before prescribing. Article reviews new FDA label for Reclast.
What’s the Optimal Dosage of Anti-thyroid Medication for Graves’ Disease?
At the 2011 Endocrine Society Annual Meeting, an abstract was presented called “Low-Dose Anti-Thyroid Medication in Graves’ Disease: Assessment of the Efficacy Based on a Long-Term Follow-Up (Interim Report).” Article covers results of this study and gives recommendations for optimal dose of anti-thyroid medications for Graves’ disease patients.
Obese Adolescents, Lack of Sleep, and Type 2 Diabetes
Lack of sleep increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but what does sleep deprivation do to obese adolescents? A study published in the November 2011 issue of Diabetes Care looked at this question. Results in this diabetes research article.
Does Watching TV Affect Glycemic Control in Kids with Type 1 Diabetes?
German researchers looked into what factors affect glycemic control in kids with type 1 diabetes. Their results were published in September 2011, and they found that while watching TV does affect glycemic control, physical activity does not.
Study: Long-term Testosterone Replacement in Men with Type 2 Diabetes Improves Survival
Low testosterone levels are associated with increased mortality in men, and men with type 2 diabetes have a high prevalence of testosterone deficiency. Study looked into the effect of testosterone replacement in men with type 2 diabetes and hypogonadism.
Efficacy of Octreotide-lar versus Surgery in Treating Acromegaly
There are several treatment options for patients with acromegaly. A recent study looked at two treatments in particular: octreotide-lar (Oct-LAR) and surgery. The researchers wanted to see how well the treatments worked when compared to each other.
Development of Growth Hormone Deficiency after Definitive Treatment for Acromegaly
Body composition and biomarkers of cardiovascular risk are affected by both growth hormone excess and growth hormone deficiency (GHD). While that is a known fact, it’s unknown how developing growth hormone deficiency after being treated for acromegaly affects body composition and cardiovascular risks. A study published in 2012 examined this.
Study: Is It Possible to Discontinue Somatostatin Analog in Well-controlled Acromegaly Patient?
Treating acromegaly usually involves using somatostatin analogs (SA); these have been used for more than 25 years. However, there is a major disadvantage to using SA: a patient will need to continue the therapy indefinitely.
Diabetic Hyperlipidemia: High Cholesterol When You Have Diabetes
Diabetic hyperlipidemia is high cholesterol when you have diabetes, and it can harm your heart. Article covers basics of diabetic hyperlipidemia, including how to treat it.
Robotic Thyroidectomy
Robotic thyroidectomy is an exciting new surgical treatment for patients who need thyroid surgery. You don’t have a neck scar after this surgery, an important point for many thyroid patients. Learn more about how robotic thyroidectomy is done.
Drinking Alcohol to Improve Bone Health?
Drinking alcohol helps with bone health in post-menopausal women? Read what a study published in July 2012 had to say about this osteoporosis question.
Preferred Surgical Approach for Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules
In evaluating thyroid nodules, fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy is the critical initial diagnostic test. If the results are indeterminate, thyroid surgery is often undertaken in order to clear up any suspicion of cancer. What should be the preferred approach?

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